About Veedol

Veedol is a global lubricants manufacturer with over a 100 year history of delivering quality lubricants to markets around the world.  From our very beginning, we supplied a mono grade oil for use in the Ford Model T, the first mass produced car in the world.

A lot has changed since the days of the Model T as today’s vehicles are more complex, requiring lubricants that will meet the demands of drivers around the world.  As these needs evolved, so did Veedol’s support to its global customers as we continue to develop lubricants that Professionals could count on to keep their customers satisfied in many different industries around the world.

Veedol continues to grow with new production locations and distributor partners being added all over the world.  If you are interested in seeing how Veedol can help you increase your business, contact us and let us help you to deliver “The Professional’s Choice” of lubricants to your customers.

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Syntron dexos1


Gen 2

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Excellent viscosity performance at low and high
operating temperature extremes.

Go synthetic for smoother engine operation


Syntron Euro Spec

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Specially formulated for European Vehicles



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Improved performance over a regular mineral oil

Syntron C3

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Syntron Longlife III

Produced using quality base oils and additives
to meet the manufacturer’s performance

Questions about Motor Oil

Want to learn more about motor oil, how it works and why there are a variety of grades and viscosities? We have put together some answers to common questions about motor oil in this section

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