Veedol Motor oil: The Professional’s Choice…For Over a Century.

A new chapter in the history of lubricant is beginning today, in The Republic of Lebanon

Veedol is a name synonymous with Quality and Value among Automotive Lubricants. History remembers the Ford Model T, the first-mass produced car in the world, and introduction of the model T changed the face of transportation and thus personal mobility. Veedol was the chosen lubricant for Model T, by the Professional himself.

Tidewater Oil Company [ 1881 ], the parent of Veedol was set-up in Pennsylvania, United States the birth-place of Liquid-Gold, Petroleum that lead the world, to a completely new mode of transportation. From 1900s the brand, Veedol was chosen by world renowned automotive brands starting with Ford, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volvo, BMW and a host of Japanese and other European majors.

Exciting achievements in its career include being chosen as the brand of lubricant, by the world-renowned aviators such as Charles Lindbergh who took the Graf Zeppelin on the longest, most challenging transatlantic flight. M/s. Clyde Pangborn and Hugh Herndon made the first non-stop flight from Japan to the USA; they named their monoplane “Miss Veedol”. After all, Veedol was the lubricant that helped complete this flight.

Every drop of Veedol is refined from the best of the base oils and blended with top-notch additives. Stringent quality tests and research helped Veedol to maintain its lead in the segment, offering a comprehensive range of synthetic & mineral lubricants for both petrol and diesel engines.

Veedol aspires to become one of the leading lubricant brands globally. Veedol and its product brands are fully owned by Tidewater Oil Company India.

Mr. Arun Kumar, General Manager, International Operations, Veedol, says “Veedol always kept pace with advancement in engine design and lubrication technology. Our focus on research and development has helped us to formulate a range of products for a wide range of applications. Manufactured in UK, India and UAE, Veedol products are soon to be distributed in the entire GCC & Levant region. Each Veedol appointed distributor partner will have the capability to provide cutting edge customer service to its customers be it workshops, spare-parts shops, lube shops or B2B.

We are proud to be associated with M/s. Nasco Automotive S.A.R.L. in Lebanon, to re-establish Veedol as the most preferred lubricant brand among customers & consumers alike in the region”.

Nasco Automotive S.A.R.L.,, headed by Mr. Adel Al Haidamous, Country Manager for Nasco Automotive brings in a lot of experience and skills covering lot of trade interests. Mr. Al Haidamous, said, “It gives us, Nasco Automotive great pride and pleasure to be associated with Veedol, a century old lubricant. Veedol, the brand not new to Lebanon, has its own credible set of customers in both petrol and diesel engine segments”. Supported with a full-fledged sales team and infrastructure we are committed to offer unmatched service to the discerning consumers in Lebanon.

“Middle East region is of strategic importance to Veedol and keeping in line with the Vision, which is to be among the top lubricants not only in the region but to be the most preferred lubricant brand in Lebanon, in the coming days we will roll-out brand activations at various channels and consumer touch-points. The quality of Veedol products, the visibility of our entire range in the outlets coupled with our overall service delivery from our partners will help us achieve our objectives in Lebanon” said Mr. Rajendra Ghosal, Managing Director of Tide Water Oil company.

New or old engines, refill with Veedol engine oil for unmatched protection, cooler and cleaner engines in cars, light and or heavy duty commercial vehicles. Better mileage, same fault-less performance that satisfied the professionals for over a century is now close to you.

Contact your nearest Veedol agent in Lebanon, choose the Professional’s choice.

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